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Family Planning (FP) Resilience Checklist

The Family Planning (FP) Resilience Checklist is an Excel-based tool to assess the extent to which voluntary family planning efforts, particularly in fragile settings, are integrating interventions to strengthen resilience of individual, couples, communities, and facilities to shocks and stresses, with the aim of scaling and sustaining demand, access, and use of family planning.  

Shocks and stresses, as well as underlying drivers of fragility, challenge efforts to scale and sustain family planning services, including satisfying service demand. This tool can help designers, implementers, and evaluators of FP efforts to identify gaps and opportunities, and to develop plans to strengthen resilience capacities as part of implementing evidence-based practices for family planning. Strengthening resilience at these levels may lessen the impact of shocks and stresses on demand for, access to, and voluntary use of quality FP services.

The FP Resilience Checklist was developed by MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience with support from USAID. The tool has been reviewed and applied in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and Tanzania.


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