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MOMENTUM supports Primary Impact, USAID’s effort to advance integrated and well-coordinated primary health care (PHC) services that enable delivery of whole-person care across the lifespan and optimize systems where PHC services are delivered. Our work—in partnership with local stakeholders, providers, and facilities—aligns with Primary Impact’s attention to health system functions that enable greater service access, continuity, and comprehensiveness of care. Through this focus, Primary Impact aims to support health system recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to restore health service coverage and decrease preventable mortality to pre-pandemic levels.

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USAID’s investments in accelerating PHC are supported by the Primary Impact Measurement for Action (M4A) Framework, developed in partnership with MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator. The M4A Framework and associated resources build on the WHO/UNICEF Primary Health Care Measurement Framework and Indicators and a review of the global PHC measurement landscape. The Framework aims to adapt existing state-of-the-art knowledge to focus on USAID’s programmatic linkages, to elevate community engagement and partnership, to highlight the foundational role of the health workforce, and to orient towards improved service quality and equity. As a guide for USAID’s work, the Framework should be further adapted at the country level based on existing data, processes, and needs to better contribute to the evidence base for country-led learning, wider implementation, and scale of efforts to improve PHC delivery.

The Primary Impact M4A Framework focuses on monitoring critical PHC inputs, processes, and outputs at the subnational and facility levels that can be strengthened for timely change. It also includes indicators that can be measured for longer-term outcomes.

The Primary Impact Measurement for Action Framework and associated resources were developed in partnership with MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator, which is implemented by Population Reference Bureau (PRB) with partners JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and Ariadne Labs under USAID cooperative agreement #7200AA20CA00003.

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