The Philippines

MOMENTUM is helping to unlock the Philippine private sector’s potential to meet health care and family planning needs.

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Private health care is one of the fastest-growing segments of health care systems in low- and middle-income countries, and private providers are an increasingly important source of care.  The Government of the Philippines recognizes the need to help the public and private health sectors work together more effectively to expand the availability and access of family planning services, including access to modern contraceptive methods. MOMENTUM helps private family planning providers in the country work more closely with the public sector to reach communities in remote and isolated geographic areas with family planning services.


Engaging the Private Sector in the Expansion and Coverage of Family Planning Services

To expand the reach and accessibility of health services, including family planning, the Philippine Ministry of Health has created a system of health care networks across the country to contract with existing private providers to deliver services at no or low cost to patients. This presents an opportunity to leverage the private sector to expand the availability of family planning and health services for women and communities who would otherwise be unable to access such services and commodities.

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery works with private health care providers, such as the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP), to collaborate with public stakeholders to operationalize voluntary family planning services and determine standards for private family planning providers to join. Through IMAP, MOMENTUM is working with private family planning providers in Antique and Guimaras provinces to identify potential challenges and opportunities in navigating these networks. Once the networks are operational and IMAP providers have met accreditation standards, the private sector in these provinces has the potential to reach communities in poorer and remote areas of the Philippines with high-quality family planning and reproductive health services and information.


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Last updated September 2022.

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