Global Leadership

We work to expand global health technical leadership by highlighting and strengthening the expertise and leadership capability of governments, institutions, and organizations in partner countries.

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We play a pivotal role in advancing global learning, evidence, policy, and program decision-making that impacts maternal and child survival and well-being.

MOMENTUM builds on USAID’s rich history of global learning and technical leadership within its global maternal, newborn, and child health services, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health (MNCH/FP/RH) care projects. Past USAID projects have supported the development or revision of more than 120 national policies, guidelines, and strategies in 17 countries and contributed to new WHO global quality of care standards.1 USAID’s efforts have revitalized and scaled up high-impact MNCH/FP/RH interventions in partner countries, contributing to increased access to and use of evidence-based, quality services and interventions.

MOMENTUM’s Approach

We adopt a dual approach to advancing global technical leadership around MNCH/FP/RH care. We provide targeted technical and capacity-strengthening assistance to partner countries and local organizations, ensuring that they access and translate state-of-the-art approaches in MNCH/FP/RH care to accelerate sustained health improvements at the national- and sub-national level.

We also provide global technical leadership that catalyzes, influences, and supports the implementation of quality, evidence-based programming around the world. We contribute to improving maternal and child health outcomes and voluntary family planning use by enhancing global- and country-level engagement and policy dialogue. MOMENTUM supports the development and implementation of globally endorsed MNCH/FP/RH initiatives, strategies, frameworks, and guidelines informed by new learning and research at the local level.

Local Leadership

Engage country leadership

We elevate global health leadership by highlighting the expertise, leadership capability, and capacity of individuals in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) whose voices have been under-represented. We work with and through local entities in everything we do, including ministries of health, the private sector, and non-governmental, civil society, and faith-based organizations. We collaborate with country partners to identify the technical assistance they need to increase their health systems’ sustainability.

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Advance country progress

We support governments to scale up high-impact and evidence-based health services that reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality. This localized technical assistance may include helping governments address gaps in coverage, or increase equitable access to health services, or adapt new global technical guidance for their local context. MOMENTUM technical experts also offer tailored consultation to help countries identify, test, and scale new evidence-based practices and technologies.


Expand global learning

USAID’s global health projects have long contributed to advancements in global learning, evidence, policy, and program decision-making. MOMENTUM builds on this tradition by generating new evidence and testing MNCH and FP innovations. We engage country leaders as partners, contributing to global policy development and identifying innovations that increase maternal and child well-being.


Improve coordination

Countries need access to global learning and policy guidance on approaches that increase maternal and child survival. At the same time, local knowledge and experience should inform the global dialogue on improving MNCH/FP/RH care. We ensure learning is shared across geographies and sectors, capitalizing on MOMENTUM’s unique ability to bridge the country-to-global continuum and engage LMIC health experts.



  1. The USAID-supported Maternal and Child Survival Program was a five-year project focused on preventing child and maternal deaths in 25 high-priority partner countries. The Program, which ended in 2019, introduced and supported high-impact, sustainable reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health interventions in partnership with ministries of health and other partners.

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