Improving Health

We strategically scale up health interventions and evidence-based decision-making to improve the well-being of women and children.

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We aim to accelerate reductions in maternal and newborn death while increasing the ability of women and children to reach their full potential. We work with public health leaders to increase access to and demand for high-quality maternal, newborn, and child health care, with a special emphasis on improving access to lifesaving care to address maternal and newborn emergencies. MOMENTUM also helps prevent bouts of future illness in children through routine immunization and improved nutrition. Throughout, we promote equitable access to respectful quality care and strengthen health systems to provide and sustain quality services.

Our technical assistance extends beyond a sole focus on survival. MOMENTUM strategically scales up health interventions and evidence-based decision-making that improves the well-being of women and children so that they can grow, learn, and succeed. High-impact voluntary family planning and reproductive health care enable women to achieve healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. We increase access to safe surgical interventions that help restore women’s dignity and well-being, enabling them to care for their families.

Improving Health

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Maternal and Newborn Health

More mothers and infants can reach their full potential with increased equitable access to respectful quality health care delivered through public and private providers.


Child Health

Ensuring children receive essential, life-saving health care and nutrition services early on and throughout their development supports their long-term growth, learning, and economic opportunity.

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Voluntary Family Planning and Reproductive Health

Access to voluntary family planning and reproductive health care for couples and individuals is critical to ensuring safe motherhood, healthy families, and prosperous communities.



Strong routine immunizations systems can stop the spread of preventable infectious diseases and support national security and economic prosperity.

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Safe Surgical Care

Improving surgical care prevents millions of women from experiencing disability or death due to complications from childbirth.

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Providing good nutrition and preventing undernutrition from pregnancy through childhood is critical to improving health outcomes among women, newborns, and children.

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Adapting the way essential health care is delivered to overcome health system obstacles from the COVID-19 pandemic mitigates disruptions in access to care and helps sustain global health gains for women and children.

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Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Better WASH interventions and increased access to safe WASH resources improve health outcomes for mothers, newborns, and children at home and in healthcare settings.

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