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MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator

This project serves as the connector across the MOMENTUM suite of awards by building systems and creating tools for sharing data and information to advance learning and better achieve MOMENTUM's objectives.

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MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator works with the other MOMENTUM awards to develop mechanisms and tools that form the foundation of MOMENTUM’s collaboration, learning, and adaptation (CLA) practices and share the collective story of MOMENTUM’s contributions to help countries assist mothers, newborns, and children reach their full potential.

Harmonize Data Capture and Analysis

The project focuses on developing and supporting a framework for monitoring, evaluation, and learning across the suite of MOMENTUM awards. The framework aligns with MOMENTUM’s Theory of Change, a roadmap that describes how the six projects’ activities will achieve MOMENTUM’s overarching goal and intended results. The framework includes harmonized tools and guidance to measure and analyze health service delivery, quality, and equity and track project performance across countries where MOMENTUM operates. MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator collaborates with the other awards to develop, test, and adapt metrics for “things that are difficult to measure” and builds shared platforms that compile data and information from across the suite, demonstrating MOMENTUM’s progress in meeting its goals and learning how the projects accomplished those achievements. We also analyze secondary data shared through the data platform to identify trends and other patterns that can help describe MOMENTUM implementation, extract learning, and tell a unified story.

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Facilitate Learning and Adaptation

We use the MOMENTUM framework to define a learning agenda designed to provide the award suite with the right information to make real-time changes and learn from each other through ongoing review, reflection, and adaptation. MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator supports learning and adaptation by providing guidance and resources and supporting analyses to better capture and review information from complex contexts. Reviews and studies allow MOMENTUM and its partners to make course corrections within and across countries and brainstorm and test innovations to address learning gaps.

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Package and Share Synthesized Knowledge

MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator guides knowledge management across the suite: developing tools, products, and events to harness and share information that can improve each award’s work and inform action in the global health community. The knowledge management approach fosters a culture of open, early sharing; amplify voices from all awards and geographies; and leverage knowledge and resources from other global health projects and institutions. Because of its role as a connector, MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator facilitates learning and sharing across awards using multiple mechanisms to exchange technical knowledge, emerging learning, and helpful resources with each other. User-friendly print and digital products and interactive learning exchanges allow stakeholders outside of MOMENTUM to learn about the project’s key insights, lessons learned, and best practices.

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Tell One Collective Story

Telling the story of MOMENTUM’s role in accelerating the reduction of maternal and child death and disability is at the core of our strategic communication. MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator coordinates efforts across all six projects to implement a cross-cutting communication strategy, unify and amplify MOMENTUM’s messages, and share the story of MOMENTUM and USAID’s investments and commitments. We provide a platform for sharing learning, technical, and policy resources and insights with a global audience through the MOMENTUM website and social media and coordinated media outreach.

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