Ethiopian girls and woman sort beans on a coffee farm.

Increasing Access and Equity

We engage women, youth, and vulnerable communities in adapting health systems to improve equitable access to respectful quality care.


We work closely with local institutions and partners to develop innovative and multisectoral approaches to increase equity in access to and use of health services. These interventions address key factors that prevent full coverage of care for maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) care and voluntary family planning, including poverty, cultural and gender norms, education, and age.

Our work begins at the community level where we strengthen demand for services and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors. MOMENTUM also works with health care providers to provide respectful, dignified, and person-centered care that is responsive to the needs of various populations. We assist facilities in developing youth-friendly health service delivery approaches that attract adolescents and succeed in retaining them in continuing care. We tackle crucial gender-related health barriers to seeking health care and using health services, such as control of assets, cultural norms and beliefs, and gender roles and responsibilities. By empowering women and engaging men more fully in MNCH care, MOMENTUM fosters gender equality and reduces disparities in health outcomes.

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