We support the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to provide quality health care for mothers and newborns across the country.

MOMENTUM is partnering with nearly 40 countries to accelerate progress and advance USAID’s work to save lives and improve health outcomes for women, children, families, and communities in all of their diversity. MOMENTUM brings together specialized technical and country expertise through six distinct yet integrated awards with the depth and breadth of experience to spur reductions in maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity.

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership and Private Healthcare Delivery support the Government of Indonesia to provide quality health care for mothers and newborns. This partnership is key to helping Indonesian women and their children have access to the high-quality services they need now and well into the future.

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Improving Maternal and Newborn Health Care

Newborns and young children in Indonesia are surviving at higher rates, but many mothers still suffer and die due to preventable causes associated with childbirth, such as postpartum hemorrhage, high blood pressure, and infection.1 An increasing number of Indonesian mothers give birth at private institutions,2 making private sector engagement key to improving delivery outcomes. MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership helps private institutions build skills to provide high-quality routine and emergency care for mothers and their babies.

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership also supports local governments’ efforts to increase demand for maternal and newborn health services, especially around referrals for specialized or emergency obstetric care. To help mothers and babies access the lifesaving care they need quickly, MOMENTUM helps community health workers connect mothers to facility-based care and helps standardize the referral process to make these connections more accessible.

Ester L. Hutabarat/MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery Indonesia

Increasing Engagement Between the Private and Public Health Sectors

Indonesia’s private health sector is expanding, creating an urgent need to improve coordination between the public and private health sectors so women and children continue to receive quality care no matter where they seek services. MOMENTUM supports efforts to:

  • Improve the quality of care delivered by private facilities and providers.
  • Help private facilities run effectively and hold them accountable to quality-driven standards.
  • Build private and public providers’ technical and clinical capacity.
  • Support private and public providers and facilities in making decisions using quality health data.
  • Foster relationships between the Ministry of Health and the private sector to encourage collaborative, informed, and effective decision-making on health policies.
  • Build private facilities’ capacity to meet Ministry of Health accreditation standards.
Maternal and Newborn Health

Reporting and Tracking Maternal and Newborn Deaths

Indonesia’s health facilities use the Maternal and Perinatal Death Notification tool, a digital reporting application, to report and track maternal and newborn deaths across the country. MOMENTUM assesses how the data from this application can help improve quality of care. We also support several districts in their efforts to collect and report quality, accurate, and timely data for health decision-making.

Des Syafrizal/USAID

Our Achievements in Indonesia

  • 3 hospitals supported with capacity strengthening

    MOMENTUM has built the capacity of three hospitals to provide high-quality health care for mothers and newborns. These hospitals are now mentoring six additional hospitals on high-quality health care.

  • Strengthened the capacity of 3 maternal and newborn death surveillance teams

    MOMENTUM has strengthened the capacity of three maternal and newborn death surveillance teams and the East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Health Office to better track and disseminate data.

Our Partners in Indonesia

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership: Indonesia Ministry of Health, East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Health Office and District Health Offices, Cendana University, and medical professional organizations.

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery: Indonesia Ministry of Health, Hermina Group; Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI) – Indonesia Midwife Association; Lembaga Kesehatan Nahdlatul Ulama (Nahdlatul Ulama Health Institute)/PBNU Health Institute; MPKU Muhammadiyah (Majelis Pembina Kesehatan Umum – Public Health Advisory Council Muhammadiyah); RSAB Harapan Kita (Harapan Kita Child and Mother Hospital), Provincial and District Health Offices in Banten, DKI Jakarta, East Java, North Sumatra and South Sulawesi.

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