MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery

This project harnesses the private sector’s potential and increases the capacity of private providers to deliver high-quality, evidence-based health care.

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MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery harnesses the potential of the private sector to deliver high-quality, evidence-based maternal, newborn, and child health services, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health care. The project strengthens private health system functions and works with local organizations and partner countries to ensure that women, men, adolescents, and children receive high-quality health care throughout their lives.

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery also expands partnerships between private and public sectors by fostering dialogue and building trust between the two sectors. The project generates market-based solutions that scale up access to affordable, quality care and increase sustainable health coverage and health results.

Putting the individual at the heart of health care

High-quality, client-centered care is essential to improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Putting the patient’s individual needs at the center of care enhances both clinical quality and patient experience. It encompasses a broad range of principles, including access to quality health care and information, informed choice and empowerment, continuity of care, and respectful and compassionate treatment of individuals seeking care. In many low- and middle-income countries, private providers may offer a broad range of services from immunization to family planning to malaria treatment.

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery supports private providers in integrating this focus on client needs and concerns across these health areas. Simultaneously, the project prioritizes the client’s perception and experience of the care received as a critical metric for measuring service quality and develops client and community feedback processes to keep health systems accountable.

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Harnessing the full power of the market

A Total Market Approach leverages all parts of a mixed market—including the public, private, and non-profit sectors—to increase access to quality health products and services. MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery uses this approach to identify appropriate private providers to partner with and enhance their contributions to the health system. This collaboration allows the project to analyze the broader context of private health care in a partner country, including the legal system, decision-making processes, and regulatory frameworks required to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care. The project consortium’s deep understanding of consumers, communities, providers, and other private and public sector stakeholders enables us to help different market actors build on their respective strengths, seeking to maximize service reach and efficiency while maintaining a focus on equity and quality.

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery addresses long-standing challenges within the health system by developing and applying market-shaping insights relevant to each context and distilling these lessons for local and global decision-makers. Finally, the project raises up examples of innovative health financing that incorporate private providers, such as national health insurance schemes, thereby ensuring that domestic initiatives to expand affordable health care coverage serve women, children, and communities sustainably for the long term.


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Engaging the private sector to strengthen health care delivery

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery uses its private-sector expertise to assess and implement solutions that fit the needs of private health providers to provide high-quality, responsive clinical services and better manage their business. The project incorporates USAID’s Private Sector Engagement principles into these interventions and generates evidence and on-the-ground experience to contribute to the emerging body of best practices and learning.

More broadly, MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery fosters sustainable, market-based solutions by supporting existing private health care infrastructures in the countries where we work. The project addresses challenges and opportunities in the supply, demand, and the greater enabling environment for private health care, such as how to positively influence the behavior and skills of health providers or facilitating policy and regulatory reforms that support the oversight and integration of the private sector into national health systems.

The project also creates innovative partnerships with private sector players–whether faith-based, independent small businesses, or large commercial enterprises–to make health information, products, and services more widely available.  These models and approaches are designed to be sustainable, and MOMENTUM intends them for use long after the project is over.

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Providing a local lens for global impact

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery positions local stakeholders as leaders and experts in managing the mix of private and public sector health providers to best strengthen their particular health system. In collaboration with USAID partner country governments, ministries of health, professional associations, communities, and all types of private providers—including private clinics, faith-based clinics, pharmacies, and drug shops—MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery builds and leverages partnerships, generates funding, and facilitates coordination among these diverse stakeholders.

The project amplifies the visibility and influence of these local voices within the national context and elevates their participation in global communities of practice and technical discussions. Supporting local capacity is essential to the long-term effectiveness and durability of the project’s interventions.

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