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With country and local evidence and insights, we can accelerate progress for moms and babies around the world. The MOMENTUM Presents podcast shares stories and insights on how to improve maternal, newborn, child health, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health.

This season, we are focused on localization: Join us on a journey that envisions and actively propels us to a future where localization isn’t just a concept, it’s the driving force behind global change for the better for mothers, families, and communities. Hear firsthand from those leading the charge at the local level.

MOMENTUM Presents is produced by MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Season 2, Episode 3

Mental Health Matters: Locally Driven Interventions for Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal mental health (PMH) conditions, like postpartum depression and perinatal anxiety, can occur during pregnancy and up to two years after giving birth. But its impact on moms, infants, families, and communities can be felt far beyond that.

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Prabha Chandra, a professor of perinatal psychiatry in India and co-chair of the global PMH Community of Practice, and Linos Muvhu, a passionate advocate for mental health support and founder of the Society for Pre and Post Natal Services’ (SPANS), a maternal, paternal and child mental health program in Zimbabwe. We discuss the challenges of addressing PMH and why a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work, and hear examples of successful PMH interventions from India and Zimbabwe.

Together, we explore the innovative partnerships and approaches that are turning a growing global movement to address PMH into real, locally driven, context-specific programs that address mental health and the overall health and well-being of women and their babies in a way that is tailored to each community’s needs.

Allan Gichigi/MCSP
Season 2, Episode 2

The Power of Locally Led Co-creation and Capacity Strengthening

Co-creation and capacity strengthening are two concepts at the heart of localization efforts. But what do they mean to local experts, community members, and advocates? How can co-creation and capacity strengthening improve access to and quality of family planning and reproductive health needs?

In this episode, Isaac Ndaya, a private sector and public health expert at the Total Family Health Organization in Ghana, a partner of MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery Project; and Ragini Bordoloi, a MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership: India-Yash Youth Fellow and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) youth advocate in India, speak about how locally-driven approaches can create contextual, effective solutions to meet family planning and sexual and reproductive health needs.

We hear about how approaches like peer-to-peer mentoring can strengthen capacity and create private sector partnerships to meet evolving family needs in the community. And we learn how meaningful co-creation, where local community members are not only involved but are leading program design efforts, can increase accessibility of SRHR knowledge and services.

Season 2, Episode 1

Localization to Accelerate Progress on Childhood Vaccination

“The Big Catch Up” is a global effort to boost vaccination among children following declines driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. The hope is to reach zero-dose and under-immunized children. How can localization ensure that routine vaccines reach the babies and kids who need it most?

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Graça Matsinhe, a medical doctor and the National Immunization Technical Lead for the MOMENTUM Routine Immunization, Transformation and Equity project in Mozambique, and Hoséa Rakotoarimanana, an Immunization Officer with the MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership project in Madagascar, about how community engagement and locally-driven approaches can help improve health for children and families.

We discuss how a technique called ZDROP is used for identifying and responding to zero-dose communities in Madagascar, and how routine vaccine campaigns are strengthened through grassroots community engagement, which helps build trust and counter vaccine hesitancy in Mozambique.

Fernando Fidélis/MCSP

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