We partner with the Government of Togo and local civil society organizations to make high-quality voluntary family planning services more available and accessible, especially in urban and suburban areas.

MOMENTUM works with local civil society organizations and Togo’s Ministry of Health to improve voluntary family planning and reproductive health services in Ogou and Golfe districts. We collaborate with local civil society organizations to strengthen and expand access to high-quality family planning and reproductive health services in communities.


Expanding Voluntary Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services In Urban Areas

Fewer than one in five Togolese women living in urban and suburban areas use a modern contraceptive method.1  MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership partners with local civil society organizations, Togo’s Ministry of Health, and local health authorities to deliver a package of community-based voluntary family planning and reproductive health services in urban and suburban areas of Golfe and Ogou districts. This work builds on lessons learned from a community-based approach that sends personnel into communities to provide family planning counseling, distribute contraception, and, where needed, refer community members for further care at health facilities. Outreach and service delivery are targeted at reaching populations that are least likely to have access, particularly youth and adolescents. MOMENTUM will also work with local partners and the national government to explore opportunities to further expand family planning services through the private sector.

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Reinforcing Civil Society’s Capacity for Voluntary Family Planning Services

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership is partnering with four Togolese civil society organizations to assess their organizational and technical capacity for family planning services and strengthen their expertise and leadership capacities. MOMENTUM and partners will co-develop capacity strengthening action plans using the Integrated Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA) tool to identify “quick fixes” and longer-term investments to enhance and transform their capacity for improved family planning services.

Learn more about MOMENTUM’s approach to organizational capacity, or explore our landscape review on measuring and assessing capacity.

Our Partners in Togo

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership: Jhpiego, Togo Ministry of Health National Maternal and Child Health Program

Interested in partnering with us or learning more about our work in Togo? Contact us here or check out our regional reference brief.

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  1. Enquête Démographique et de Santé au Togo 2013-2014, as analyzed through StatCompiler,

Last updated September 2022.


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