MOMENTUM works with the government of Kenya to close health gaps and strengthen immunization delivery platforms.

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Kenya has the second-largest population in East Africa.7 It also has a large population of young people, whose economic contributions help fuel its status as the largest economy in East Africa.8

Despite its large economy and recent improvements in health care provision, there are wide disparities in access to health care across the country. Security issues along Kenya’s northern border with Somalia and negative social norms contribute to these disparities, causing an array of health issues and making it harder for women and children to get the care they need.

MOMENTUM is working with the Government of Kenya and health workers to help communities across the country access health services, especially COVID-19 vaccines. We help the government plan for, monitor, and distribute COVID-19 vaccines and support health workers’ efforts to bolster COVID-19 vaccine delivery and uptake in their communities. We are also working alongside Kenya’s national and county governments to help local health systems address common obstacles to routine immunizations that are essential for giving children a healthy start to life. Partnerships like this are key to helping Kenyans of all ages access high-quality health care now and well into the future.

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Helping Kenya Plan for and Manage COVID-19 Vaccination

MOMENTUM provides technical guidance to the Kenyan Ministry of Health on its COVID-19 vaccination policies and plans and works with local partners to facilitate vaccine rollout in Kakamega, Nairobi, and Trans Nzoia counties. We support county leaders to plan and coordinate technical working group meetings and provide technical assistance—including operational support for county-level COVID-19 vaccine task forces—to help them reach priority populations with the COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to COVID-19 vaccine introduction in Kakamega, Nairobi, and Trans Nzoia counties, we also support Kenya at the national level as it allocates its supply of COVID-19 vaccines. This support includes helping the Ministry of Health monitor and supervise COVID-19 vaccine distribution mechanisms and effectively manage delivery of the vaccine using reporting and safety protocols. We also support the Ministry as they track and monitor COVID-19 vaccine stock levels in order to make decisions about distribution. Additionally, we are assisting Kenya in aligning its COVID-19 health management information system with its existing system for routine immunization.

Capacity Building

Building Health Workers’ Capacity to Deliver COVID-19 Vaccinations

Kenya began training its health workforce on COVID-19 vaccination in March 2021. Ongoing training is needed to decrease vaccine hesitancy among health workers and to provide them with the information and skills to safely manage the COVID-19 vaccine and administer it to their clients.

MOMENTUM is supporting Kakamega, Nairobi, and Trans Nzoia counties to provide health workers with frequent, updated information about COVID-19 vaccines as vaccination strategies shift, strengthening their ability to collect, report, manage, and use data to make decisions in real-time. MOMENTUM is also identifying and engaging innovative partners to support COVID-19 vaccine rollout and uptake nationally.

Routine Immunization

Strengthening Routine Immunization Services

Although the World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund estimate that almost 89 percent of Kenyan children are fully vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis,9 many children still miss out on basic life-saving immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases in counties throughout Kenya. MOMENTUM works with the Ministry of Health and subnational stakeholders in these counties to strengthen routine immunization platforms so that all Kenyans, especially children, receive the lifesaving vaccines they need.

MOMENTUM also supports the Ministry of Health to roll out the Reaching Every District/Reaching Every Child approach,10 initially designed by the World Health Organization, which builds the capacity of local health systems to address common obstacles to routine immunization and reach more children with vaccinations.  While this critical strategy has not yet been implemented in Kenya due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine rollout, we are helping identify opportunities to expand strategic partnerships with health and non-health stakeholders to enhance access to routine immunization services in the near future.

About the MOMENTUM Project Working in Kenya

MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity works with the Kenyan government at national and county levels to help them plan for, manage, and deliver the COVID-19 vaccine and increase routine immunization coverage.


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