MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership

This project supports governments, local partners, and initiatives at national and international levels to advance technical leadership and achieve goals around maternal, newborn, and child health, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health services.

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MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership engages in global initiatives and provides technical and capacity development assistance (TCDA) to country partners to apply evidence and best practices to accelerate progress toward sustainable improvements in the health of women, children, and families.  Our TCDA approach emphasizes partnerships, mentoring, mutual accountability, co-investment of resources, program technical rigor, and adaptive management to accelerate delivery of high-quality, evidence-based interventions at scale to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity. We support country governments to expand and enable partnerships with a wide range of health and non-health actors, including public, private, faith-based, civil society, and youth-led entities.

The project also supports international initiatives, strategies, frameworks, and guidelines to strengthen technical leadership, learning, and USAID policy dialogue around maternal, newborn, and child health, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health (MNCH/FP/RH) services.

Expanding Global Technical Leadership

The project contributes to global technical leadership by engaging in international initiatives, helping to develop and update guidance for MNCH/FP/RH services, and promoting country voices and experiences in global initiatives and guidelines. We support countries to operationalize and contextualize these strategies and guidelines based on country needs and priorities. We also expand the global evidence base around MNCH/FP/RH services and produce actionable recommendations for country decision-makers through our rigorous learning agenda, including formative literature reviews and embedded implementation research.

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Strengthening Technical Rigor

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership supports countries in incorporating evidence-based approaches and interventions into country strategies for maternal and newborn health; child health; voluntary family planning; immunization; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); and nutrition. The project provides integrated TCDA to country stakeholders across and within these technical areas to improve health systems and strengthen the development and implementation of life-saving interventions. Additionally, we support countries to maintain essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that women and children continue to receive high-quality care.

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Eliminating Equity Gaps

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership strengthens the capacity of countries to systematically address inequities and meet the needs of under-represented groups. The project also addresses social norms, both as barriers and contributors to achieving health outcomes.

We work with local government and civil society stakeholders to:

  • Implement evidence-based solutions that mitigate gender-based violence;
  • Build capacity for gender-transformative community-based interventions;
  • Optimize gender-transformative approaches to men’s engagement in MNCH/FP/RH services and couples’ communication; and
  • Ensure client rights and a positive experience of care.

Additionally, we work with governments, youth-led, and youth-serving organizations to implement and scale tailored adolescent and youth health interventions to address barriers to care and promote positive youth development and gender equality.

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Ensuring Quality of Care

The project works to ensure that women, newborns, children, and adolescents in partner countries receive quality integrated care that enables them to thrive. Through our close engagement with the multi-country Quality of Care (QoC) Network, which works to improve the quality of care for women, newborns, children, and adolescents, we support the development and application of quality improvement principles and approaches that respond to individual and population health needs and align with country priorities. We work closely with the global secretariat of the QoC Network to support global and country-level priorities and activities, including the development of global goods to advance person-centered quality care. We support countries to lead the design, implementation, and scale-up of sustainable quality systems for continuous improvement of high-impact, person-centered, and gender-sensitive services for MNCAH/FP/RH, nutrition, WASH/IPC, and immunization.

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Supporting Sustainable Development

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership supports countries to sustainably improve the health of their populations and progress along the development continuum. Our work is powered by resilient and thriving partnerships across public and private sectors, including faith-based and civil society organizations. We support the development, implementation, and assessment of co-created and co-invested country plans by providing tools to plan and assess health systems. Our TCDA is designed to build partner countries’ capacity to plan, finance, and implement solutions to local development challenges, as well as ensure local commitment to see these through effectively, inclusively, and with accountability. Additionally, we apply adaptive management to track progress toward program goals and adjust strategies as needed to achieve maximum impact.

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