In Niger, we collaborate with the public and private sectors to bring essential health services to people across the country.

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Located in the western Sahel region of Africa, Niger experienced increased economic growth between 2010 and 2019 due to its mineral wealth. As a result of this growth, the government has made great progress to improve the lives of Nigeriens by increasing social spending in sectors such as health care.7 Despite this progress, several factors make it difficult for the rapidly growing population of Niger to access the health care they need. Issues like food insecurity, infrastructure problems, natural disasters, disease outbreaks (including COVID-19), increasing violence, and wealth inequalities make it challenging to deliver high-quality care throughout the growing country.

Partnerships with local and national organizations in Niger are key to helping Nigerien women and children access high-quality health care now and well into the future. MOMENTUM works with Niger’s public and private sectors to increase the coverage and use of high-quality maternal, newborn, and child health, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health services. We also support the Government of Niger to manage and dispose of healthcare waste and vaccinate Nigeriens against COVID-19.

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Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health

Helping Nigerien Women and Children Access High-Quality Health Care

In Niger, many communities live far away from health care facilities, making it hard for people to receive regular, high-quality health care.8 We collaborate with a variety of public and private health care providers to help Nigeriens access health services at the times and locations that best meet their needs. This includes mobile outreach, which brings antenatal, child health (including screening for malnutrition), and family planning services to remote communities. These mobile services also link clients to additional care, if needed, and train providers in the communities on common health danger signs and timely referral practices, especially for emergencies among pregnant women.

MOMENTUM also works with local partners to provide on-the-job training and mentoring for community-based primary health care providers.  Additionally, we collect feedback to help providers understand the quality of care that their clients receive and continuously refine their approaches to better meet clients’ needs.

Scott Dobberstein/USAID Sahel

Safely Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines Across Niger

COVID-19 has slowed the economic growth Niger has experienced over the past decade.9 To help Niger recover from the effects of the pandemic, we assist the national technical working group on COVID-19 vaccination to develop strategies for managing, distributing, tracking, and monitoring COVID-19 vaccines across the country. As more vaccines become available across Niger, the government is prioritizing security so that vaccines are transported and delivered safely to prioritized communities.  To support the government, MOMENTUM supports the national immunization program to track vaccines as they are transported and delivered and to monitor their temperature.  In addition, we work with Niger’s government to share data on its vaccination activities, helping the immunization program make timely, data-driven decisions to deliver the vaccine more efficiently to the Nigerien people.

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Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Improving Waste Management

As Niger’s population increases, its general waste management practices must evolve and expand. We support the Nigerien government by providing technical guidance on the design and implementation of national and subnational waste management plans. We are also helping to identify solutions and new partners, especially organizations in Niger’s private sector, to manage waste generated by COVID-19 vaccination activities within the context of the overall health waste management system.

Mercy Corps
About the MOMENTUM Projects Working in Niger

MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery seeks to improve access to and use of quality health services through Niger’s public and private sectors, focusing on the needs of underserved and remote populations.

MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity works with the Government of Niger to deliver COVID-19 vaccines and develop waste management strategies.


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