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Is Your Health System Adolescent- And Gender-Responsive? A Participatory Tool for Analysis and Action Planning

Adolescent-responsive health systems intentionally transition the emphasis from creating separate adolescent-friendly spaces towards ensuring that all health services are responsive to the needs and rights of adolescents by incorporating adolescent-friendly elements that have demonstrated effectiveness into the health system. MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership developed an assessment tool to enable ministries of health (MOHs), civil society, and other stakeholders to assess whether and how the health system currently responds to the needs and rights of adolescents, including how the system acknowledges and addresses gender barriers and opportunities that influence adolescents’ receipt of quality care. This tool can be used to inform work plans, national priority setting, and budgeting, as well as to measure and monitor a health system’s progress in meeting the needs and rights of adolescents of all genders over time.

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