Publication Date December 1, 2023 Research & Evidence

Learning From Health Systems Strengthening Responses to COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic challenged health systems worldwide, examining their resilience in maintaining essential services while preventing and responding to COVID-19. MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator conducted a learning synthesis to understand the extent to which three MOMENTUM projects in India and Sierra Leone used health systems strengthening (HSS) approaches in their COVID-19 response activities. Furthermore, the work sought to distill factors that facilitated, or inhibited, the implementation and outcomes of HSS-oriented COVID-19 response activities. Lessons and recommendations can inform future approaches to integrating HSS in outbreak and pandemic responses.

Publication Date September 1, 2023 Program & Technical Resources

Ensuring the Delivery of Essential Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Infection Prevention and Control Readiness Response in Five Countries

COVID-19 significantly disrupted health systems, creating a need to assess both assets and gaps to prioritize immediate infection prevention risks and the needs of health care facilities. Developed by MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, this report details the project's implementation of an infection prevention and control (IPC) COVID-19 activity in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. The annex of the report, a COVID-19 Readiness Toolkit, is also available for download.   

Publication Date October 1, 2022 Program & Technical Resources

Rapid Review: COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Service Delivery and Integration

A systematic review of COVID-19 vaccine roll-out experiences and lessons learned is being undertaken by the World Health Organization, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, and COVID GAP to produce learnings for program audiences at all levels. This slide deck is the first in a series of multiple rapid review products, highlighting learning, best practices, and recommendations for one of the eight selected themes.

Publication Date July 1, 2020 Webinars

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Ensuring Continuity of Child Health & Immunization Services

On July 23, 2020, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership held a webinar with leaders from Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, and Ghana to discuss how countries can best mitigate disruptions to child health and immunization services amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants learned about the dramatic recovery of health service utilization in Bangladesh due to national guidelines on vaccinations, child health services, and increased capacity building for providers to prevent and control infections. In Sierra Leone, health services and client flow were restructured to safely restore services. Ghana has responded broadly to COVID-19 from universal handwashing and mass communication to telemedicine and drone supply-delivery.

Publication Date December 1, 2021 Research & Evidence

Promising Practices for Engaging Local Faith Actors to Promote Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination: Lessons Learned from Ghana, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, and Uganda

This report summarizes evidence about engaging local faith actors to promote uptake of COVID-19 vaccination. It is a special investigation into lessons learned from four countries: Ghana, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. The report explores 15 promising practices for increasing vaccine uptake through strategic engagement of faith actors. The Policy Brief, “Promising Practices for Engaging Local Faith Actors to Promote Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination: Lessons Learned from Four Countries,” provides an 8-page synopsis of the lessons outlined in the report.

Publication Date June 1, 2022 Webinars

Ensuring the Delivery of Essential Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic: WASH & IPC Response

On June 8, 2022, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership convened a webinar to learn about and discuss successes, challenges, and recommendations from their work providing rapid technical and capacity development assistance to local health networks in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Sierra Leone, and Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic. Presenters highlighted MOMENTUM’s use of virtual capacity strengthening processes and tools, open-source digital data collection platforms, and local partnerships.

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