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Policy Dialogue for Respectful Maternal Care in Rwanda: Documenting Processes and Outcomes

This package of resources details the process and outcomes from a policy dialogue co-design process in Rwanda—led by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and supported by MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership—to guide the development of evidence-based Respectful Maternal Care (RMC) language for inclusion in existing policies. As a result, Rwanda’s MOH drafted and will incorporate RMC-specific policy language into its updated Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) policy and Maternal Child Health (MCH) strategic plan to promote an enabling environment and best practices for RMC.

Rwanda RMC Situational Analysis: MOMENTUM supported the Rwandan MOH and local partners to undertake a consultative policy dialogue process to guide evidence-based RMC policy development. The project developed a situational analysis highlighting global and Rwandan evidence—including findings from qualitative interviews—to reflect Rwandan RMC policy priorities and needs and to inform the policy dialogue process. This Rwanda RMC situational analysis summarizes the evidence the MOH and local stakeholders used, guided by MOMENTUM, to develop and integrate RMC policy language into Rwanda’s existing RMNCAH policy and MCH Strategic Plan.

Rwanda RMC Situational Analysis Summary Brief: This brief summarizes key highlights of the Rwanda situational analysis used by country stakeholders to guide the development of evidence-based policies that support RMC.

Rwanda RMC Policy Language Brief: This brief highlights the recommended RMC policy language to be included in the updated RMNCAH policy and MCH Strategic Plan.

Rwanda RMC Policy Dialogue Overview Brief: This brief provides an overview of the consultative, MOH-led policy dialogue process undertaken in Rwanda to develop RMC policy language for inclusion in the RMNCAH policy and MCH strategic plan, and to lay the foundation for operationalizing RMC in Rwanda.

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