Research & Evidence

Social Norms Exploration on Child, Early, and Forced Marriage, Intimate Partner Violence, and Adoption of Family Planning in Ebonyi and Sokoto States, Nigeria

Nigeria has made significant strides in improving human development outcomes, but improvements are markedly different for adolescent girls and women compared to boys and men. The country remains a patriarchal society where social norms and structural inequality render women subordinate to men. Global evidence demonstrates that deeply entrenched, restrictive norms underlie the practice of child, early, and forced marriage and gender-based violence, and limit women’s agency and decision-making power related to their reproductive health behaviors and choices.  MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership Nigeria used the Social Norms Exploration Tool to understand the social norms driving child, early, and forced marriage, intimate partner violence, and early adoption of family planning in selected project areas of Sokoto and Ebonyi states, Nigeria.

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