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Integrated Technical Organizational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA) for MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership

The Integrated Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA) methodology is founded in Pact’s decades of experience and research on organizational capacity assessments, aligns with USAID’s Non-US Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS) to take regular measurements to support an organization’s long-term sustainability, and was developed in partnership with each of the relevant MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership technical team leads to ensure alignment with global standards and best practices.

Below are descriptions of each item found in the ITOCA zip file above. 

ITOCA Tool: This excel-based tool contains organizational and technical areas aligned with the MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership project. The worksheets are used for self-scoring by participants following facilitated discussions and activities during the ITOCA workshop.

Facilitator’s Guide: The Facilitator’s Guide for ITOCA is designed to support MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership teams to implement the ITOCA, specifically facilitators who lead the ITOCA process with civil society partners.

Annex: The ITOCA virtual facilitation annex provides ITOCA facilitators with key considerations, suggestions, and tips for adapting the ITOCA for virtual settings and helps facilitators to adapt activities that otherwise would occur in an in-person setting.  This annex does not replace the project’s Facilitator’s Guide, rather complements it. We recommend that users of this annex refer to the guide as indicated. This guide may also be useful to facilitators of virtual meetings more broadly for ideas and activities to make these more participatory and engaging.


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