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Where Do We Go From Here: Using a Behaviorally Focused Applied Political Economy Analysis to Strengthen Continuing Professional Development

In Ghana, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership partnered with the country’s Nursing and Midwifery Council to conduct a Behaviorally Focused Applied Political Economy Analysis (BF-APEA) process on continuing professional development (CPD) for nurses and midwives. Stakeholders and decision makers were brought together to discuss goals for CPD, impediments to achieving those goals, and key behaviors required of stakeholders to address those impediments. Primary research was also conducted with providers, supervisors, policymakers, stakeholders, and other individuals who could offer insight and understanding on the challenges and motivations faced in practicing these key behaviors. This executive summary and report shares the findings of this process, as well as a co-created set of recommendations and solutions for the future of CPD in Ghana.

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