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Empowering Family Planning/Reproductive Health Innovations for Scale: MOMENTUM Innovation Accelerator

Empowering Family Planning/ Reproductive Health (FP/RH) Innovations for Scale is a compendium of four documents, which integrate best practices and lessons from 180+ stakeholder interviews and 25+ tools/case studies. The documents include a summary overview of the series; the Empowering FP/RH Innovation for Scale tool; templates to accompany the guide; and multi-country lessons on FP/RH innovation scale-up.

See below for more information on each tool. 

Empowering FP/RH Innovation for Scale tool: This is practical guide on how to scale FP/RH innovations. This tool describes the journeys that several personas in the FP/ RH innovation ecosystem–including innovators, investors, government officials, and non-governmental organization leaders– may take to scale-up FP/RH innovations and the considerations along each step. It offers several practical tools that may be used to facilitate this journey, specifically aligning on a vision, expanding horizons, evaluating potential, and supporting sustainability.

Templates to accompany the guide: The templates reflect the different practical exercises included in the Empowering FP/RH Innovation for Scale tool. They should be used in conjunction with the tool to facilitate working through the different activities. These include, for example, barrier assessments and evaluation tables.

Multi-Country Lessons on FP/RH Innovation Scale Up: The country lessons tool synthesizes lessons learned from five case studies across Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, and India. Lessons reflect the experience of those countries, as well as across different dimensions: market & user, manufacturing & distribution, clinical evidence, regulatory & financing, and coordination.

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