Publication Date April 1, 2024 Research & Evidence

The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus (HDPN) and Applications to Family Planning, Reproductive Health, and Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Interventions in Fragile Settings

Numerous approaches have been developed to define the humanitarian-development nexus and more broadly, the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. This report examines the humanitarian-development nexus and its application to health interventions in South Sudan, specifically family planning, reproductive health, and maternal, newborn, and child health (FP/RH/MNCH), concluding with recommendations for stakeholders related to health services, institutional architecture, leadership, financing, coordination, and localization.

Publication Date February 1, 2024 Research & Evidence

South Sudan Community Health Formative Assessment

This assessment provides an in-depth understanding of the strengths, gaps, and opportunities within the existing community health programs implemented under the Boma Health Initiative (BHI) in South Sudan. Findings from this assessment provide information for planning effective health interventions on voluntary family planning (FP), reproductive health (RH); maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition (MNCHN); and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Publication Date January 1, 2024 Program & Technical Resources

COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Review: South Sudan

As MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity’s COVID-19 vaccination program in South Sudan comes to an end, this report looks back on the successes, challenges, and lessons learned that the project had in reaching underserved and priority populations, strengthening health systems management, and improving the health workforce. Download this report to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination program in South Sudan, conducted from March 2022 to September 2023. 

Publication Date December 1, 2023 About MOMENTUM

MOMENTUM Projects in East Africa: Regional Reference Brief

The East Africa Regional Reference Brief summarizes MOMENTUM’s projects and activities in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda to improve equitable access to respectful quality maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health care for all individuals and communities. The brief will be updated periodically as project activities evolve throughout the life of the project.

Publication Date September 1, 2023 Webinars

Promoting Children’s Health in Developing and Fragile Settings: Planning, Implementation, and Lessons Learned on Pediatric Death Audits Rollout

On September 28, 2023, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience and MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership hosted a webinar to discuss the integration of pediatric death audits (PDA) in fragile and developing settings. The webinar highlighted the role that PDA can play in improving child health outcomes, including reducing mortality rates, as well as building health resilience and enhancing quality of care.

Publication Date September 1, 2023 Webinars

Youth as Agents of Change: Toward a Sustainable Future

On September 21, 2023, MOMENTUM hosted a dynamic live discussion featuring passionate youth speakers and moderators driving positive changes in the fight for sustainability. In an era of global challenges and uncertainty, we believe that today’s youth are a beacon of hope, possessing the power to become transformative agents of change.

Publication Date January 1, 2023 Program & Technical Resources

Partnering with Youth for Impact: Profiles of MOMENTUM Youth Partners from Across the Globe

This document profiles some of MOMENTUM’s dynamic youth partners working across different geographies and contexts in South Asia and West and East Africa. These partners aim to increase health knowledge and demand for health services, shift social and gender norms in their communities, improve access to quality health services, and create adolescent-responsive systems across the humanitarian-development nexus.

Publication Date October 1, 2022 Research & Evidence

South Sudan Social Norms Assessment

In 2021, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience conducted an assessment of social norms related to voluntary family planning and reproductive health in South Sudan. MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience also conducted a webinar in July 2022 to summarize the findings of the assessment. The assessment, a recording of the webinar, webinar slides, and a short video summarizing the assessment are included on this page.

Publication Date July 1, 2022 Webinars

Improving Maternal and Infant Health: Adapting the MAMI Care Pathway in South Sudan

The Management of At-Risk Mothers and Infants (MAMI) Care Pathway (CP) is an intervention to improve the health of mothers and their infants. The current iteration of the Care Pathway, Version 3.0, was updated in 2021 and has been adapted to a number of contexts. MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience is working with the Government of South Sudan and other implementers to adapt and use the Care Pathway and to document lessons learned so that other countries can establish a process of their own for adapting this intervention, in particular to fragile contexts. In this webinar, we describe the Care Pathway, the process of adapting it in South Sudan, and the operations research we will conduct to better understand how the Care Pathway might be adapted in many different settings.

Publication Date September 1, 2021 Webinars

Strengthening Health Resilience to Improve Voluntary Family Planning in Fragile Settings

More than half of all maternal and child deaths occur in countries affected by conflict, disasters, weak governance and institutions, population displacements, and other acute and chronic shocks and stresses. In these settings, increased illness and death result from disruptions to basic health services and systems. From self-care and respectful care to supply chain management, traditional development approaches need adaptations and refinements in fragile settings to strengthen the health resilience of individuals, households, communities, and the broader health system to minimize the impact of shocks and stresses. The webinar presenters cover these issues; webinar participants submitted numerous questions and comments for discussion during the final portion of the webinar.

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