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COVID-19 to Routine Immunization Information System Transferability Assessment (CRIISTA)

The COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine introduction led many countries to invest in new immunization information systems (IISs) to collect, manage, and use COVID-19 vaccination data. Many countries have recognized these investments as a potential opportunity for strengthening routine IISs. The COVID-19 to Routine Immunization Information System Transferability Assessment (CRIISTA) aims to facilitate a thorough process for collecting and reviewing relevant information to support decision-making around whether it is appropriate to scale a COVID-19 IIS, or parts of it, for use in routine immunization.

The CRIISTA User Guide is a resource for implementers and users of the CRIISTA framework. It is also a resource for Ministry of Health (MOH), Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), and Health Management Information System (HMIS) decision-makers to review and decide whether using the CRIISTA framework is appropriate for their circumstances. The User Guide has been designed with the aim of assisting and supporting the use of the CRIISTA framework from pre-planning through completion.

The CRIISTA User Guide is part of the CRIISTA Toolkit that also includes the CRIISTA Workbook (an Excel document where planning information, desk review and key informant interview outputs, and final consensus data are all recorded) and the CRIISTA Suitability Assessment Workshop Template (a PowerPoint template that provides guidance on synthesizing key informant/desk review information and is also used to facilitate the final consensus building activity).


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