Webinar | Chatbots, Board Games, and More: Using Innovative Methods to Engage Men in Family Health

Published on June 27, 2023

PSI Pakistan

Male engagement, whether as part of a child’s immunization journey or a couple’s decision about family planning, is critical for the success of various family health programs. In the MOMENTUM webinar, “Chatbots, Board Games, and More: Using Innovative Methods to Engage Men in Family Health,” speakers from five countries share that men are willing to support their families’ health needs but need to be engaged intentionally to understand the benefits and how best to do it. In the webinar, they highlight a chatbot to engage men in family planning, a board game to facilitate couples’ communication, global vasectomy trends, insights about men’s roles in children’s immunization, and ideas for engaging men in ways that support women’s rights and autonomy.

Speakers included:

  • Peter Waiswa, Co-Chair, Male Engagement Task Force, Associate Professor, Makerere University School of Public Health & Global Health Division, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (moderator)
  • Akoua Roseline Yeboua, Gender Advisor, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Kenyi Athanasi, Social and Behavior Change Advisor, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience
  • Ayesha Leghari, Country Representative PSI Pakistan, MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery
  • Neide Guesela, National SBCC Advisor for Mozambique, MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity
  • Roy Jacobstein, Consultant, MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics

Watch the full webinar in English below. Cliquez ici pour la version  française.

Download the following materials to learn more:

  • Slide deck: EN | FR
  • Questions and responses: EN | FR

Relevant Resources

Below are additional MOMENTUM resources related to engaging men in health services, many of which were mentioned at the recent webinar.


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