Webinar: Tailoring Health Interventions for Mothers and Children Based on Evidence from a Social Norms Assessment in South Sudan

Published on August 22, 2022

Adrienne Surprenant/IMA World Health

On Wednesday, September 21, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience hosted a webinar to discuss the findings of their South Sudan Social Norms Assessment. Presentations focused on how the project used fictional vignettes to help the study population understand social norms, and further discussed social norms in South Sudan related to family planning, gender-based violence, and other thematic areas. The webinar also examined how MOMENTUM is using findings from the assessment to develop, implement, and monitor country-specific social and behavior change action plans.

Recordings of the webinar in English and French can be found below (l’enregistrement français du webinaire est ci-dessous). Download the presentation here.




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