USAID/Nepal Visits MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery Project Sites in Karnali Province

Published on June 6, 2022

Since 2000, Nepal has made significant progress toward improving the health of its people, particularly women and children. MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery advances improvements in the delivery of quality health services by working with the private sector, which is an increasingly important source of health information, products, and services for Nepalis.

In April, senior officials from the USAID/Nepal health office visited several MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery sites in Karnali Province to learn more about the impact of the project and monitor its progress. The USAID/Nepal team visited three polyclinics (clinics that provide both general and specialist care), two pharmacies, and one hospital, interacting with trained providers and facility owners. MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery supports private sector providers and owners with basic training on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, implementation of client feedback mechanisms, and quality assurance/quality improvement processes.

The USAID/Nepal team commended the project’s efforts to strengthen coordination among the public and private sectors and other stakeholders in Karnali province and shared other positive reflections about the project’s progress.

Hero image caption: The USAID/Nepal team meets a private health facility owner at Sunrise Medical Hall in Birnedranagar Srukhet, Nepal. Photo credit: MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery, Nepal.  

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