USAID Announces the Winners of the First Cohort Of Yash Entrepreneurs Program

Published on September 26, 2022

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New Delhi, September 26, 2022—The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership: India-Yash project, led by Jhpiego, together with Villgro Innovations Foundation, a leading social enterprise incubator in India, are pleased to announce the first cohort of social enterprises selected for the Yash Entrepreneurs Program.

Launched in April 2022, the Yash Entrepreneurs Program will support 20 enterprises across India over a 36-month period to invest in solutions to revolutionize how youth and adolescents access quality family planning and reproductive health services.

Eight social enterprises, selected under Cohort 1, will each receive funding of up to Indian Rupees (INR) 10 Lakhs (approximately US $13,200), as well as technical assistance, mentoring, and incubation support from Villgro. The support will include skill-building on the designing, prototyping, and manufacturing of family planning and sexual and reproductive health focused products and services, digital marketing, go-to-market strategies, commercial advertising pilots, financial dashboards, legal compliance, organizational culture, and leadership capability. Over the next nine months, these enterprises will focus on harnessing the network and resources of Villgro and Jhpiego to scale their businesses and attract follow-on funding from investors and corporations.

The winners are:

Curapy Health Private Limited: This enterprise’s Uvi Health platform is a virtual care platform for women’s reproductive, hormonal, and sexual concerns offering affordable care plans and diagnostics for sexual and reproductive health. Uvi Health targets breaking the conventional prescription-driven care and strives in providing holistic solutions as well.

Kamacore Media Private Limited: GetIntimacy, the flagship product of this women-led enterprise, aims to normalize sexual wellness by offering a setting for communal learning through non-therapeutic counseling, workshops, free content, and paid courses that assist community members in resolving their sexual issues.

StandWeSpeak: StandWeSpeak, also a women-led enterprise, strives to provide a change in the arena of sexual and reproductive health through 4 main pillars: reliable information, teleconsultation, product suggestions, and resource material.

Green Delight Innovations Private Limited: The enterprise’s flagship brand, Bliss, aims to end the excessive use of plastic women-focused hygiene products, including sanitary pads, with a focus on environmental safety and feminine hygiene and health.

Padcare Labs Private Limited: Padcare Labs has developed the world’s first Menstrual Hygiene as a Service business model and ensures availability of pads in office spaces with special focus on recycling the same in the most hygienic way.

Pinky Promise Private Limited: This enterprise plans to break the shackles of the archaic shameful shadow surrounding sexual awareness through the means of online services, which integrate automated diagnosis and prescriptions with testing and fulfillment, and community support features.

Shivtensity Private Limited: Shivtensity is a service-based platform that promotes safe, inclusive spaces for dialogues on mental health, disability, and sexuality.

Thinkpods Education Services Private Limited: That Mate, the flagship product of this startup, is focused on assisting young boys and girls as they navigate puberty. The app personifies itself as a friend or an advice-giver, catering its content to the problems of the individual in the form of game therapy of self-healing (journaling, affirmations, etc.).

Congratulating the winners, Sangita Patel, Director of the USAID Health Office at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, said, “As the world’s largest family planning bilateral donor, USAID is committed to helping countries meet the family planning and reproductive health needs of their people. We are happy to support the Yash Entrepreneurs Program, which is providing necessary resources and services to enterprises and innovations-based businesses to ensure that youth voices and aspirations are heard, including those from marginalized communities who face greater challenges in accessing equitable family planning and reproductive health care services.”

Dr. Sapna Poti, Director, Strategic Alliances Division in the Office of Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India said, “[The] Office of the PSA is driving innovation towards solving socio-economic challenges for sustainable growth and providing an enabling ecosystem for enterprises, specifically in the health care space. Yash Entrepreneurs Program is exactly the kind of platform the sector needs. Focusing on sexual and reproductive health, the selected enterprises will provide an effective solution framework and will be a start to more such platforms. It is an ardent initiative by USAID towards strengthening the innovation ecosystem in the country and we are delighted by the response of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to this initiative.”

Sharing Jhpiego India’s mission to build responsive and resilient health systems and self-reliant communities, created on the foundational values of partnerships, positive disruption, and local capacity, Dr. Somesh Kumar, Country Director of Jhpiego India, highlighted the importance of innovations in the health care space for India to be self-reliant. “The eight shortlisted enterprises will create a ripple effect in the social entrepreneurs’ environment with innovations in the area of family planning and reproductive health. Each one is endeavoring exemplary work, and there is a huge potential to identify opportunities and build health care solutions for those who need it the most,” he added.

Srinivas Ramanujam, CEO, Villgro Innovations Foundation, added the announcement, “Considering the nature of the products and services and the maturity of the business models of these enterprises, there is enough reason to believe that family planning and sexual reproductive health will soon become an investable sector and the Yash Entrepreneurs Program will play a valuable role to bring together investors and donors to support enterprises that show promise of creating sustainable health impacts.”

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About USAID’s MOMENTUM: USAID’s MOMENTUM suite of awards works with governments, civil and private sectors, and other key partners to improve access to family planning and reproductive health services and make high-quality health care available to mothers and children so they can live healthy, productive lives. The MOMENTUM design builds on five decades of USAID programming and represents the agency’s most ambitious investment. This integrated design leverages USAID’s maternal, child health, and family planning programs to create more impactful and sustainable change.

MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership is part of the MOMENTUM suite of innovative awards and works in tandem with country governments and local nongovernmental organizations to provide targeted technical and capacity development assistance and contribute to the global technical leadership and policy dialogue on improving measurable outcomes for maternal, newborn, and child health/family planning/reproductive health care.

About Jhpiego: Jhpiego is a nonprofit global health leader and Johns Hopkins University affiliate that saves lives, improves health and transforms futures. It is partnering with governments, health experts, the private sector, and local communities to revolutionize health care for the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Jhpiego began working in India in the 1980s, collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Government of India), to strengthen reproductive health services. In 1992, Jhpiego was named a key partner in a five-year project, funded by USAID, to strengthen reproductive health services in the largest state in India – Uttar Pradesh. Since 2006, Jhpiego has worked closely with the Ministry (Government of India) to improve access to high-quality reproductive health, family planning, and maternal and newborn health care services. Quality has been and continues to remain the cornerstone of every Jhpiego program.

About Villgro Innovations Foundation: Villgro is India’s foremost and one of the world’s largest social enterprise incubators. Established in 2001, Villgro’s mission is to make innovative, impactful businesses succeed in Health, Agribusiness, and Climate Action. Since 2001, Villgro has supported 340 social enterprises that have raised over INR 4.28 billion in investments, created 5,646 jobs and impacted over 20.8 million lives. Villgro was awarded the Top Incubator Award by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (Government of India) in 2020 and the DivHERsity awards in 2022. Apart from India, Villgro also has a presence in the United States, Africa, and the Philippines.

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