Publication Date June 1, 2024 Research & Evidence

Introduction of Balanced Energy Protein (BEP) Supplementation Through Routine Antenatal Care

In this landscape analysis, MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership provides an in-depth understanding of barriers, enabling factors and challenges in the implementation of balanced energy protein (BEP) supplementation through routine antenatal care (ANC). These products compile evidence from 6 countries—Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique and Nepal—to generate program recommendations to guide country programs.

Publication Date February 1, 2024 Webinars

Exploring Zero-Dose Child Definitions and Measurement

On February 14, 2024, MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity held a learning exchange webinar to discuss how countries operationalize and measure the definitions of zero-dose and under-immunized children. This learning exchange discussed the operational definition of zero-dose children, followed by experience sharing from Mozambique, Bangladesh, and DRC. Country presenters discussed the issues they faced with operationalizing the standard definition and how they are moving forward. The examples featured a range of use cases and discussion with joint problem-solving.

Publication Date December 1, 2023 About MOMENTUM

MOMENTUM Projects in Southern Africa: Regional Reference Brief

The Southern Africa Regional Reference Brief summarizes MOMENTUM’s projects and activities in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia to improve equitable access to respectful quality maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition, voluntary family planning, and reproductive health care for all individuals and communities. The brief will be updated periodically as project activities evolve throughout the life of the project.

Publication Date June 1, 2023 Webinars

Chatbots, Board Games, and More: Using Innovative Methods to Engage Men in Family Health

Male engagement, whether as part of a child’s immunization journey or a couple’s decision about family planning, is critical for the success of various family health programs. In this webinar, held on June 27th, 2023, speakers from five countries share that men are willing to support their families’ health needs but need to be engaged intentionally to understand the benefits and how best to do it.

Publication Date May 1, 2023 Program & Technical Resources

Implementation of Task Sharing Guidelines for Long-Acting and Permanent Methods

The WHO recommendations for task sharing present categories of healthcare providers and supply guidance on what different cadres within the health system are authorized to do in relation to the provision of contraceptive information and services, as well as the contexts in which they are allowed to offer contraceptive services. This brief synthesizes key findings and recommendations to enable donors, policymakers, advocacy groups, and program implementers to address existing policy and human resources barriers to implementation and to leverage opportunities to expand the practice of task sharing.

Publication Date March 1, 2023 Research & Evidence

Uncovering the Drivers of Childhood Immunization Inequality with Caregivers, Community Members and Health System Stakeholders: Results from a Human-Centered Design Study in DRC, Mozambique and Nigeria

The importance of immunization for child survival underscores the need to eliminate immunization inequalities. Few existing studies of inequalities use approaches that view the challenges and potential solutions from the perspective of caregivers. This study aimed to identify barriers and context-appropriate solutions by engaging deeply with caregivers, community members, health workers, and other health system actors through participatory action research, intersectionality, and human-centered design lenses.

Publication Date December 1, 2022 Program & Technical Resources

Implementation of the World Health Organization’s Task Sharing Guidelines for Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives and Permanent Methods across MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics Countries: Desk Review

MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics conducted this desk review between June and November 2021 to determine the extent to which implementation countries had adopted and operationalized the WHO recommendations for task sharing to increase access to high-quality FP information and services. The assessment also aimed to identify key challenges, barriers, and opportunities related to effective implementation of the WHO task sharing guidelines. The review also included an assessment of national health systems documents and global evidence, including published and grey literature on task sharing.

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