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Thinking Big about Postabortion Care: Improving postabortion care and postabortion family planning through identification, prioritization, and enabling critical behaviors

Complications from miscarriage and unsafe induced abortions are a major cause of mortality or morbidity for women worldwide, particularly in low and middle-income countries. USAID and its partners have been investing resources in improving the access to and quality of postabortion care (PAC) for decades. New guidance from USAID MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership contributes to that work by leveraging lessons learned from global efforts to date by unpacking key behaviors around PAC and postabortion family planning. Specifically, the guidance pinpoints and prioritizes key actions, actors, enabling and inhibiting factors, and strategies at different levels in order to transform global PAC. For each behavior, the guidance describes pathways to change demonstrated to enable and sustain the behavior. Country programs can use this guidance to identify and resolve context-specific challenges and opportunities to promote quality PAC and postabortion family planning.

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